Cahuenga Pass & North Hollywood
North Hollywood Community Police Station

The crime maps in this section are from the Los Angeles Police Department’s North Hollywood station, and are provided to the Cahuenga Pass Property Owners Association by our Senior Lead Officer Rob Benavidez.

These crime maps show both the Cahuenga Pass neighborhood as well as the North Hollywood community, as both are under the jurisdiction of the North Hollywood station.

Recently there has been some commentary that our neighborhood has changed. Phrases such as “crime-infested” and “rundown” have been used to describe this area.

It is important to let the facts speak for themselves.

CPPOA has posted maps showing where crime has occurred recently and over the past year or two, and a couple of maps at the end show comparisons between the same months in current and previous years, so community members can see for themselves whether crime has increased, decreased, or remained the same.

While it is extremely important to report all crime, the Cahuenga Pass is a beautiful neighborhood with folks who always reach out to help each other. Everyone should take normal precautions and do whatever makes you feel safe in your home, but we all want to live in a way that encourages friendliness to newcomers in our community and compassion toward others.


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